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How to make bonfire cupcakes

Written by Eleanor Weeks


Do you remember what happens on the 5th of November? Bonfire night!
We’ve got some great ideas so you can make sure to kick it off right!
Why not try making these great bonfire cupcakes? Just follow our simple tips and tricks!
You’ll need plenty of chocolate matchsticks!😜

You will need:

Cupcakes of your preference – homemade or shop-bought

Vanilla buttercream – homemade or shop-bought
(If homemade 2:1 icing sugar to butter ratio + vanilla essence)

Piping bag and nozzle set

Orange and yellow food colouring

Matchmakers Zingy Orange

Mini marshmallows

Mini cocktail sticks


1. Begin by dividing your buttercream into two bowls.


2. Add a few drops of orange food colouring to one bowl of buttercream and yellow food colouring to the other.

3. Put your star-shaped nozzle into the snipped piping bag and spoon in the orange buttercream. Do this again for the yellow buttercream.

4. Pipe swirled buttercream onto each cake, remembering to alternate between the two colours to create a fire effect!

5. Then, to decorate, break up the matchmakers into smaller pieces and stand them up around the buttercream to look like a bonfire.

6. Finally, skewer two mini marshmallows onto each cocktail stick and place it into the cupcakes.

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