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Rainbow Pancake Cake!

Do something different for breakfast this Summer Holiday and make a pancake cake! This pretty rainbow version will interest even the fussiest eaters and young children will love helping you to ‘layer’ up this cake!

Kids Cooking

Indulgent Homemade Nutella!

Nutella and breadsticks are my ultimate indulgent snack. I’ve even been known (quite frequently!!) to eat it on it’s own, the jar of yumminess calls to me each time I pass the cupboard!!! Imagine my excitement when I realised I...

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Homemade Jammy Dodgers!

It’s fun to make your own biscuits so why not give these Jammy Dodgers a try. They’re a favourite in our house and there are lots of  things for children to help with along the way, from cutting out the biscuit shapes...