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After-School Adventures

Written by Elexa Rose

The kids are back from school, time for some fun!
Here are some activities to make the most of the sun! 
From popcorn drop to building a den…..
Let the kids enjoy these fab adventures again and again! 

Popcorn Drop

plastic cups

Any number of players can join in, but it’s most fun with four to eight players.

Create a ‘start’ line and ‘finish’ line. At the ‘start’ place a bag of popcorn for each team, at the ‘finish’ place a bucket for each team.

Now, you’ll need to make two pairs of ‘shoe’ cups. (For the game you will be attaching these over your shoes a bit like a court jester). Use a pin/ pencil to poke holes in the bottom of some plastic/ paper cups. Push a wide rubber band through the holes and secure by tying it in a knot or with a paper clip.

To play: Split the players into two teams. The first player straps the cups on to the top of their shoes, using the elastic bands to secure them. Fill each cup with popcorn.

Ready, set, go! A player from each team ‘runs’ with their popcorn ‘shoes’ the bucket at the ‘finish’ line and empties their popcorn in to it. Then runs back to let the next person in the team continue the relay, until the popcorn bag is empty.

The team that empties their popcorn bag first wins!

Lego spellings


It’s often a challenge getting children to learn their spellings but why not make it fun by asking them to spell their words out of Lego.

A Budding Picasso?


Make some art for the living room. Canvases and acrylic paint can be bought from many bargain shops these days, allowing the youngest of us to afford to indulge our inner artist. Brushes are for traditionalists!, try using fingers, feet, rolling marbles, water balloons filled with different colours. Don’t worry Mum, it washes off easily in the shower, although a gentle hosing at the outside tap might save the carpets!

Build a den


Building a den can be done anywhere! Under the stairs, in the garden, in the woods! Even on rainy days you can build a den out of blankets and pillows at home and on sunny days it’s the perfect outdoor fun.

Pooh sticks


Possibly one of the easiest, cheapest and enduring activities you can do with your kids. A relaxing walk on a beautiful evening, and the thrill and excitement of your pooh stick crossing the finishing line first. Remember to take care near fast flowing or deep water!

Get a job!


Credit: KidZania

Clean the wheels of the car, put away dishes, hang up washing, there are lots of little jobs children can do to pass the time after school! Or if you are in London and fancy getting out and about try KidZania London the kids take charge! This child sized city located within the Westfield shopping centre is the perfect place for children to let their imaginations run wild as they test out real jobs such as being a pilot, fire fighter, radio presenter, banker, police officer and many more! As they ‘work’ they will get paid and can spend their money or open a deposit account at the KidZania bank. Get tickets here.

Hold a Play Park Marathon


There are two ways to do this!

Version one: Simple; use play equipment as a ‘circuit’ and set the timer on your phone to track how speedy, or slowly your little ones can complete the course.

Version two: Harder ; This one is so much fun if you live in a big town or city. How many parks can you visit in one evening? Planning is the key here! Work out a route with your little ones that takes in as many parks as possible before bedtime!

Do a Beach Clean


Do you live near a beach? Why not take a picnic tea to the beach and on your way back take more litter home than you make. Plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders. There are thousands of tonnes of them drifting in the oceans, and washing ashore on our beaches. A black bag full of these little blighters is easy to carry and encourages our little ones the importance of recycling.

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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