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Boredom Busters for Car Journeys

Written by Louise Winter

Let’s go on an adventure and pack up the car,

To see some fab places near and afar!
If you’re feeling bored and don’t know what to do,
Here’s some great activities for the little ones and you!

Are we there yet?! It can be quite a struggle to keep kids of any age entertained during long car journeys, that’s why we’ve compiled some activities and games to help make travelling fun and keep the whinges away!


Play the ‘Name Five Game’.  One person chooses a theme such as ‘animals’ and the other person needs to name five things in that category.


sunbulletGet one of these I-spy books! Inside there are lots of things for kids to spot on a long road trip…….. and they get points for everything they see! Find them here


sunbulletPlay A-Z I spy. Try to find something you can see out of the window for each letter of the alphabet. This simple and fun game may also help kids who suffer from travel sickness.


sunbulletPlay bingo. Make a list or a picture list of things kids may see on the journey. As they spot each item on the list, they can cross it off!


sunbulletPack a loom band bracelet making kit and the kids will be kept busy twisting away! Get a set here


sunbulletGet the kids to find all the numbers up to 10 on number plates and for older children get them to find all the letters of the alphabet.



Car colour spotting: choose a colour each, then count how many cars of that colour you see!


sunbulletTake along an activity and games book such as one of these activity books that have 100 things for little children to do. Find one here


sunbulletPlay the ‘What do you like best’ game. Ask one person ‘what do you like best, chocolate or strawberry ice cream?’ Once they have answered they ask you a different question back.


sunbulletMake up a story. One person needs to start the story with a single sentence and then the next person continues the story with their own sentence, etc etc.


Have a safe journey, and we hope these ideas keep the little ones amused. Have you got any tips? Let us know on our Facebook Page 🙂



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