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Recommended reading lists for kids

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Wondering what books to read with your kids at the end of the day? 
We’ve put together a fab list of educational yet fun books, yay! 
For under 5’s, 5-8 years and 8+ too,
It is a great alternative to tv screens woohoo! 

We have collected together some of our favourite reads and popped them into three different age categories for you below! All available on Amazon for the best price.

Under 5

Ten Little Dinosaurs Board Book

Amazon, £5.94

A super fun way to explore rhyming and subtraction- the cute drawings held my 4-year-old’s attention from the start! Buy here!

Monkey Puzzle 

Amazon, £5.77

Another fun rhyming book that follows little monkey on the search for his mum, with the help of a butterfly who just can’t quite seem to understand what she looks like! Buy here!

Barry the Fish with Fingers

Amazon, £5.94

A brilliant and funny bedtime read about a loveable fish with fingers- but what are the fingers for?! Buy here!

No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom 

Amazon, £3.49

No-bot the robot wants a bottom! Where will he find one? The word ‘bottom’ seemed to have us in fits of giggles!! Buy here!

5-8 Yrs

Poo in the Zoo

Amazon, £8.99

Let’s just say that this book lead to a very detailed discussion about all the different types of poo there are! haha!! Buy here! 

Sharing a Shell

Amazon, £5.77

Heartwarming and cute, a sweet tale of friendship that I’ve read to all 3 of my kids over and over again. Buy here!

Beast Quest The Hero Collection 18 Books Series 1 – 3 Box Set

Amazon, £27.02

A great move from picture to ‘proper’ books – read about the adventures of Tom and Elenna as they travel on their quests to set various beasts free from a curse. Repetitive but that makes the stories easier to follow for younger ones. Buy here!


Amazon, £7

A funny uncomplicated story to listen to at bedtime or for more independent readers to read to themselves. Buy here!


The Beast of Buckingham Palace

Amazon, £7

This book is a truly heartwarming story, following a tale of friendship, bravery, and loyalty! Recommended for children of all ages. Buy here!

The Creakers

Amazon, £6.99

This tale is a completely new take on the idea of monsters under the bed and is packed full with genuinely funny and above all properly scary moments! Buy here!

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Amazon, £5.39

This book is totally creative, VERY funny, and so heartwarming! Buy here!

The Magic Faraway Tree Collection

Amazon, £8.19

This collection contains the first three of Blyton’s Faraway Tree series for just £8 which is brilliant! It’s a book a loved reading as a child and my children love reading it now too. Buy here!

Dork Diaries

Amazon, £3.49

If your children are fans of  Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, and Jacqueline Wilson then they are sure to love Dork Diaries! Packed full of excitement and adventure its a great read. Buy here!

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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