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Packed lunch hacks for busy parents

Written by Elexa Rose

Are you looking for ways to make lunch easy? Well, here’s our handy hacks!
From leftovers, fun shapes and pre-sliced apple snacks.
Why not let them choose from a handy pre-made menu? 
Or have a go at freezing your food to make it easier for you!

Let Them Choose


Give the kids a lunch menu to choose from. It gives them the freedom to choose what they want but limits the options so you don’t have to buy a million different things to keep them happy!

Leftovers For Lunch


Cook more than you need for dinner, leftovers make great packed lunches and saves on extra prep and cooking!

Freeze It


Freeze things like juice cartons, yogurts, or bottles of water. It acts as a cool box and keeps the whole lunch box fresh!

Pre-Sliced Apple


Pre-cut an apple then reassemble it and wrap a rubber band or cling film around it to stop is going dry or brown. Plus, it makes it easier for kids to eat and are therefore much more likely to finish it!

 No Soggy Bread


Put sauces such as mayonnaise in-between cuts of cold meat to stop the bread from getting soggy.

Fun Shapes


Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of cheese, ham, tortilla wraps, sandwiches, and more!

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