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How to ace the back to school morning routine!

Written by Eleanor Weeks

After lots of summer holiday fun,
it’s back to the reality of the school run.
Here’s a list of a few hacks to make the mornings more chilled,
even if the kids still aren’t too thrilled!

The idea of dressing, feeding and getting the family ready to be out the door by 8am just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen (or involve a meltdown or two)! But with these simple morning routine hacks, you can firmly say goodbye to those chaotic mornings and hello to stress-free school morning routines! Want to know more, simply scroll down for the ultimate tips and tricks to make this new school year the least stressful one yet, or for parents new to the school run acing it from the start!

1. Prepare the night before

Make the pack lunches

The idea of making school pack lunches late in the evening after a chaotic day can seem like the last thing you want to do. But just do it, your thank yourself in the morning when it means an extra 10 minutes in bed! Plus, the feeling of just throwing those lunchboxes in the kid backpacks in the morning that’s a good one, right?

Pack the Backpacks/bookbags

Make sure the backpacks or bookbags are packed the night before. Reading books, school trip letters, school projects, anything your child might need or the school requires make sure it’s in there and get your little one to double-check too. That way you won’t find yourself at the school gate realising you forgot to pack something super vital, –  don’t worry we’ve all been there!

Layout the school uniform and shoes

Laying out or hanging up the kid’s school uniform in a visible place for them to see the night before will definitely make the getting dressed process in the morning a whole lot quicker! Another tip, pop their shoes by the door too in the evening, that way you can avoid the daily morning search party to relocate a missing shoe!

Prepare breakfast

Preparing breakfast the night before may sound rather eager, but it will definitely save you a few minutes in the morning! Simply layout the cereals boxes and bowls on the table. That way, when it comes to the morning you just need to grab the milk out the fridge and they’re good to go!  Plus, this way your child can choose their cereals, a great way to give them a little control of their morning routine!

2. Get up before your kids

Even if its only 15-30 minutes before your kid’s wake up, getting up before them will allow you to start your day proactively and intentionally! It will also allow you time to get your own stuff down and ideally be showered, dressed, packed up for the day and of course…caffeinated!- All before the little ones wake up.

3. Make a morning routine chart

A routine chart for kids is a MUST in order for the mornings to go as smoothly as possible! Your morning routine chart should include all the things that you need to get down, for example, things such as:

Wash face
Brush hair
Get dressed
Eat breakfast
Brush teeth
Put shoes on
Grab bookbag/lunchbox
Head out the door

If you have younger kids, pictures may be more effective than words in your morning routine chart. Once you’ve established the things in your routine chart, talk through all the steps with your kids, this will you help to recognise any glitches!

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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