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Easy rock painting for kids

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Have you ever seen cute painted vegetable rocks?
Take a look at our guide, you don’t need lots!
Rocks, a paintbrush, paint, a black marker is all it will take!
It will be great fun for the kids to make!

Paint a pebble to look like a vegetable!

Painting rocks into fruit and vegetables is a great way to teach healthy eating by playing with your food! Plus, it makes a super quick, cheap and fun afternoon activity to do with your little ones, especially on a rainy day!

What you will need:

A handful of rocks/stones
Acrylic paint
Jar of water to clean the paintbrushes
Newspaper or an old sheet for the table


Begin with washing and drying the rocks. Then, you may find it helpful to print off or have pictures of your little one’s favourite vegetables and fruits in front of them ready to copy. We had a go at painting carrots, a corn on the cob, tomatoes, strawberries and peas too on our rocks! But you could give any veg or fruit a go! To finish why not add a funny face to your rock!


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