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The Ultimate Guide to Family Camping

Written by Chloe Penn

Are you heading to a festival or going camping soon?
These tips will help you sleep under the moon.
Solar chargers so you can listen to tunes,

Our essential camping guide is waiting for you!

Top Tips!

Create a basic list of essentials

There’s nothing worse than getting to the campsite and realizing that you’ve forgotten something vital for your trip! Make sure that, before you head off, you’ve compiled a handy list with everything you need and ticked off each and every one.

Keep clothing simple and sensible

Whilst it’s easy to throw on some jeans and a heavy hoodie to keep warm, they take much longer to dry than lightweight layers or waterproof options such as jackets and trousers if you’ve been caught out by the rain. Denim is fine if you’re keeping close the campsite, but keep waterproof options within close reach if you’re heading further afield for a hike! Taking along two pairs of shoes – ones for walks/hikes and ones to slip on at the campsite is always a good idea too.

Plan entertainment

So, what do you do once you’ve set up your tent, everything is organised and your little campers are eager to get stuck into their surroundings? Plan walking, cycling or hiking routes in advance, as well as taking a look at what attractions and events are taking place nearby, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your trip… and earning your campfire dinner on your return! Bringing along some fun and easy-to-pack things to do is a good idea to keep everyone occupied too. For example, a ball, frisbee, colouring books, or notebooks for those looking to take note of what they discover nearby! If you’re camping at a festival you’re sorted for entertainment as they go on from early ’til late!

Prepare for all weather

If you’re in England, you’ll probably do this anyway thanks to our ever-changing weather. Pack jumpers for when they get cold in the evening and remember the suncream. Just in case! It can be a pain to take lots of clothing but you’ll be grateful you covered all eventualities. There’s nothing worse than a cold or sunburnt child!

Bring lots and lots of bug spray, repellant, and essential oils

No matter how “bug-free” you are told the area is, nothing attracts those little creatures like young blood! If your little one is unfortunate enough to be bitten by something, you can rest assured knowing you have everything you need to soothe the pain and itching.

Easy Snacks

While tent camping most of our cooking was done over the fire or propane stove. So think about that and if you want to start it up every time one of your little angels says “I’m hungry!” Bringing pre-prepared snacks will be a great time saver and you’ll thank yourself when your kids are suddenly “starving”!

Take extra-long marshmallow sticks

One of the best things about camping is roasting marshmallows. No matter their age, size, or heat of the fire, your little people will want to help roast their own! Keep the risk as low as possible by taking extra long sticks with you.

Take a potty

This is for those of you with smaller children, but not necessarily just those who are potty training. Late night toilet runs with little ones are never fun, so save yourself the journey across the dark campsite by taking a potty with you.

Remember their favourite blanket/teddy/music maker

Sleeping in a new environment can be both exciting and terrifying for children, so take a bit of home comfort with you. Not only will it help settle them at night and hopefully get them to sleep easier, it may also come in handy to cheer them up if there are any little accidents while you’re away.

Take your patience, patience and more patience!

Kids will be kids and you can only do so much. They will be loud, they will cause chaos, and they will get themselves and their stuff dirty! Especially right after a shower and you clean something. They will be themselves times 100! Even more outspoken, excitable, and uncontrollable!


Items to Make Things Easier


Pink Pineapple Flag

Mark your spot with this handcrafted flag made from 5 metres of lustrous silk in a range of vibrant party colours!  No need to worry anymore about losing your tent amongst hundreds of others with this pink pineapples flag which stands up tall and proud! Plus, this flag will see you through year after year of camping fun as the parachute silk is renowned for being both super strong and ultra-lightweight.  Note pole sold separately. Buy now. 

Milestone Camping Solar Shower

The days of venturing to the campsites showers are well and truly over with this fab camping solar shower! Simply fill with water and place in the sunlight for solar heating of water!  This amazing gadget can heat up to 40 degrees in just 3 hours and can hold 5 galloons/20 litres of water. Plus with a flexible tube, tab and showerhead with on and off control, it is super quick and easy to use!  Buy yours here. 

Portable Mini Air Conditioner

Keep your tent nice and cool this summer with this handheld small portable air conditioner! Cooling air up to 30F and with a 90-degree vertical airflow control with adjustable wind speed and direction dials this really is a camping must have! Buy yours here now. 

LED Camping Lantern

This LED camping lantern is perfect for a camping weekend with its multiple lighting modes! Including a night-light mode, colour light mode, flashing mode and lantern mode which you can hang in your tent and will be a great help once the sun goes down! Plus, with 3 ways of power supply, it will definitely save you from an emergency! It can even charge your phone! Get yours here. 

Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Make every night fairy night with these 100 LEDs solar string lights! Jazz up your tent by choosing one of the 8 gorgeous modes, from Twinkles to Fading slowly there is a mode to fit the camping atmosphere! Super easy to use with the auto on at night and auto off at sunrise feature. Buy now. 

ADDTOP Solar Charger

This portable solar power bank has the capacity of 25000mAh, charging most smartphones 8-10 times and tablets 3-4 times! It also has 4 solar panels making it 4-6 times faster than the other solar charges. The dual USB output allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously! With this portable solar power bank, no need to worry about your phone running out of charge so click away and carry on getting those awesome family camping piccy’s!! Get yours here. 

Canopy Folding Camp Chair

Now, these camp chairs are an essential item for any family camping trip this summer! With a portable armrest, a handy netting cupholder and sun protection shelter, this chair has every aspect covered! Chill out around a campfire, enjoy your lunch sitting down or take a comfy break from a long walk with this canopy camp chair. Get yours here. 

Inflatable Camp Pillow

This is the most compact and lightweight inflatable camp pillow on the market! It inflates to a comfortable pillow for your head and folds down to 5×2 inches, smaller than a coke can! This small luxury will definitely make all the difference in how you sleep!  Buy now and say goodbye to getting that horrible stiff neck in the morning!!

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

These easy to wear bracelets are not only great for keeping those pesky mosquitos at bay, but they’re also bright and eye-catching too! Get yours here.

Camping First Aid Kit

This handy little first aid kit is perfect for all your travels and will make the perfect go-to for any slips and scrapes! Get yours here.

Insulated Lunch Bag

This practical and pretty lunch bag is fab for keeping lunches fresh and tasty on your camping adventures! Get yours here.

Portable Camping High Chair

This portable high chair is perfect for your extra little campers and simply folds up and can be taken anywhere! Get yours here.

Plastic Spoon, Fork and Knife

This super handy three-in-one spoon, fork and knife is ideal for keeping in handbags and lunchboxes while on your travels… and saves any extra washing up! Get yours here.

Collapsible Liquid Carrier

This useful liquid carrier is collapsible, making it the perfect for slotting into backpacks, suitcases and more while travelling. Get yours here.

Camping Bunk Bed

If you’re looking for a novel way to save space in your tent, this bunk bed is ideal! It simply folds up into a portable carrier, making it easy to take on your travels. Get yours here.

Personalised Enamel Mug

These super cute personalised enamel mugs are great for adding a quirky touch to your camping trip… and for reminding everyone who’s mug is who’s! Find here.


This is to kid-proof your child and so that you can find them wherever they are. You can place it in their bag or pocket, but there’s also watch holders so that they can wear them too. They connect to your phone or app you can find their exact location! Excellent to get peace of mind and to also relocate them quickly. Additionally, when you’re not camping, you could attach them on your keys or bike, to help you locate them. Buy here.

Tent Fish Windsock

This is great for keeping your tent colourful and noticeable if your little campers just so happen to get lost! Get yours here.

Junior Walking Boots

Sensible footwear is a first for making sure you have lots of fun on your camping trip, especially if you’re planning to head further afield! Get yours here.


Who said keeping waterproof had to be boring? These super cute dinosaur and fairy wing jackets are sure to get them enthusiastic about keeping the rain at bay! Get yours here.

Inflatable Bed

… Or if you’re after maximising comfort, an inflatable bed is sure to help your little ones get to sleep after a busy day exploring! Get yours here.

Family Sized Tent

With two compartments joined by one middle area, this family sized tent is perfect for providing four happy campers with lots of space for themselves and their belongings! Get yours here.

Deryan Travel Cot

This little tent is fab for allowing your sleepy campers some extra comfort when you’re cooking or relaxing outside your tent. Additionally, it’s excellent to place for night time when you want them in a safe location. Get yours here.

Aqua Swimming Noodle

Whilst this may not be a conventional camping must have, sliding this noodle through the wires of your tent is a good hack to protect little (and big!) feet from tripping over the pegs! Get yours here.

Camping Stove

This three-stove portable gas cooker is perfect for when you have many hungry mouths to feed! You can cook simultaneous things on the go, rather than waiting for the one pot on usual one stove gas cookers. This lid can also serve as a wind-shield. Buy here.


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