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Mother’s Day Hand Print Potted Plant Card

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Show your appreciation for Mum this Mother’s Day,
with a homemade card that she is sure to love in every way!
Grab your card, scissors, pencil and glue,
And make this floral card for Mum from you!


What you’ll need:

Orange card
White card
Green, Pink, Purple and Yellow paint
Optional extras – glitter, ribbon

How to make:

1. Begin with drawing an outline of a flower pot onto a piece of orange card.


2. Once you’re happy with the shape, cut out your flower pot.


3. Next, paint your chosen message onto the pot. If you want to add any glitter, make sure to sprinkle it over the paint before it dries!

You can also add any more decor if you wish – I’ve gone for a seasonal springtime gingham ribbon!


4. Next, place your plant pot to one side. Grab your white card and fold it in half.

To make the green handprint, you can either squeeze the paint onto a shallow tray to dip your hand into or, like me, use a large paintbrush to paint your hand.

Print your hand onto the white card. Be sure to press down firmly!


5. Now, wait for your handprint to dry completely before using the tip of your finger to add the yellow dots at the top of the flower stems.


6. After the yellow paint has dried, use your fingers to create the flower petals by alternating between your chosen colours.


7. Leave your card to dry.

Once the paint has dried, glue your plant pot over the top and leave it to dry.

Once the glue has fully dried, write a message inside to say thank you to your lovely mum!


Have you made a brilliant homemade Mother’s Day card? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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