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Make Your Own Boredom Buster Jars

Written by Lottie


If, like me, you’re running out of activity ideas, why not have a go at making a boredom busting jar? This easy and cute jar means you won’t be hearing “I’M BOOOORED!” this summer!


Grab your jar (I’ve gone for this Kilner one but any jar will do) and begin cutting your card into strips. Don’t make them too small or little hands might struggle to reach the bottom! Also make sure you’re using round end scissors with a rubber/plastic grip to avoid any nasty accidents!


Have a think about what boredom busting ideas you’d like to add and categorise them into rainy day, outdoor, free and educational activities. If you’re after some inspiration, have a look at the handy list of ideas pulled together below!


Write your ideas onto the card, fold the strip in half and fill your jar to the brim lots of fun filled activities ! The first idea can be decorating the jar for a personal touch!

When your jar is ready and you need some inspiration simply pull out one of your lovely ideas!

Summer Ideas 

Water Games

Garden Games

Grow a Flower

Become a Garden Explorer

Indoor Rainy Day Activities  

Make a Milk Bottle Fairy House

Emergency Rainy Day Attractions

Make A Time Capsule

Weatherproof Indoor Games to Play

22 Emergency Rainy Day Ideas


One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Make Your Own Jammy Dodgers

Homemade Nutella

6 Minute or Less No Bake Sweet Treats

Free Days Out Out 

Free Days Out in August

Have you got any fab boredom busting ideas to add to the jar? Let us know! Don’t forget to send us your snaps of your very own boredom buster jars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂