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Kids crafts for summer

Written by Lucy Cousins

Don’t worry if you’ve run out of ideas for easy home-based fun,
We’ve got some great crafts you can do inside and outside in the sun!
From wind chimes, bird feeders and flower pots too,
Your little artists will love these fab crafts to do!

Make a Wind Chime

This one is great for letting those little imaginations run wild! Simply pierce a hole in the bottom of a yoghurt pot (you may need to do this for your little ones), thread through some brightly coloured string and secure it by tying a knot that will sit on the inside. The wind chime will hang from this string, with the yoghurt pot hanging top down.

Do the same around the lip of the pot four or fives times and add the string to each. Then allow your budding artists to thread on beads of their choice to create their own wind chime masterpiece!

Make a Bird Feeder

Not only is making your own bird feeder super fun, but it’s a fab way to get your little nature lovers learning about how they can take care of their environment and its wildlife. You can read our handy blog guide about how to make your very own one here!

Paint Your Own Flower Pots

This one is great if you’ve got an endless to-do list like me and want to keep your little ones occupied… and creative! Pick up a few small terracotta pots that they can decorate with paint, glitter and any other lovely options that you can find. Not only is this crafting activity lots of fun, but you can then let them pick a seed pack and teach them how to care for their very own plants over the summer!

 Make Seashell Necklaces

Press a seashell into coloured (or stick with white and paint after it’s dried) air drying clay and press a hole into the top for where you’ll loop through your neck cord. Leave the clay to dry completely according to the pack’s instructions. Then thread through your chosen cord of choice to create your very own necklace! You can even loop through wooden beads for added effect.

Make your own homemade pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Instead of buying pizza get the whole family together with a bunch of delicious toppings and make your perfect pizza. You can choose to buy a ready-made base or show off your kitchen skills and make a home-made base. Some topping suggestions are ham, pepperoni, pepper, onions and sweetcorn but you can put anything you love on your pizza!

Build a Den

Rainy days in aren’t complete without building a snuggly den! Grab your blankets, throws and cushions (as well as a yummy snack or two) and get comfy in your new den. To make it extra special perhaps they could sleep in their indoor den at night time? With torches you could put on a shadow pantomime on the walls.

Bake Some Cookies

Baking is great whatever the weather… although it’s especially lovely when it’s pouring it down outside and you fancy something sweet! Pair your freshly baked goods with a movie marathon and den and you have the perfect rainy-day-in recipe!

Craft a mask!

Get your arts and craft on with this activity! If your little ones love dressing up or if you have little unicorn fans at home, this mask is an absolute must! You can find our simple step by step unicorn mask tutorial video here. If your little ones aren’t the biggest unicorn fans, why not make a different mask. Some mask ideas you could make are different animals such as tiger, monkey, lions, superhero masks or even an alien mask.

Paint rocks

On a trip to the beach, or perhaps you’ve got stones in your garden? Collect some stones, they need to be medium sized. Then when it’s next rainy, paint your stones! You can make invite stones which will go outside your front door, or maybe paint your favourite animal? Better yet, after you’ve painted your stone, put it back in nature for other people to enjoy.

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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