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How to make crackin’ cress heads!

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Give the kids a project, where they will have something to show,
How about their very own cress heads they can watch grow!
They are easy to make and lots of fun,
And even better, not too much hassle for Dad or Mum!

You will need:

🌱2 eggs
🌱2tsp cress seeds
🌱2 cotton wool balls
🌱felt-tip pens
🌱acrylic paint


1. Start by carefully removing the tops from the eggs leaving the bottom two-thirds of the shells intact!

2. Empty the shells, you can save the eggs to make a yummy egg sandwich! Carefully wash them out and then draw faces on the eggshells. You could use googly eyes if you have them!

3. Next, fill the eggshells with some cotton wall then spray the cotton wall with water so that it is nice and damp.

4. Now, sprinkle 1tsp of cress seeds into each egg! Spray a little bit more water on the seeds.

5. Water every day and your cress will start to grow!

⭐️TOP TIP: Make sure to place your cress heads on a sunny windowsill and remember to water them every day!!!⭐️

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