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Cute painted Bumblebee & Ladybug rocks

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Have you ever seen cute painted bumblebee and ladybug rocks?
Take a look at our guide, you don’t need lots!
Rocks, a paintbrush, paint, a black marker and some googly eyes is all it will take!
It will be great fun for the kids to make!

What you’ll need:

✔️Red, yellow and black acrylic paint (acrylic is the best for this!)
✔️Black permanent marker
✔️Googly eyes

How to make:

1. Begin with washing your rocks and leaving them to dry. We had fun creating Bumblee and Ladybug rocks, but you could paint any bug/insect you like!

2. Next, once your rock has dried start painting your bugs. You may it find it useful to get up a picture of your chosen insect on Google so you have something to follow.

3. Once, the paint has dried, you can stick on your googly eyes using glue.

4. …and that is your insect rocks complete! Where you place them is up to you! Perhaps, on a windowsill or in the garden somewhere.

Have you been busy making any fun crafts? We’d really love to hear! Someone else might love it, and really want to give them a go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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