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10 Ways To Entertain your Baby

Written by Louise Winter


For such little people, babies surprisingly require a lot of entertaining and get bored pretty quickly. I remember being on maternity leave and struggling to keep my little one amused after exhausting the ‘fun list’ by 9am each morning. Here are some exciting things to do both indoors and outside which your baby will love…

Rainbow spaghetti


Sensory spaghetti messy play is great for babies and toddlers, and surprisingly doesn’t actually make that much mess! Simply cook some spaghetti and add a very small amount of oil to stop the spaghetti clumping together in a huge ball, and once it’s cooled let your baby explore through their senses. For even more fun check out our recipe for rainbow spaghetti here.

Walks in the park

Walks in the park are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs especially if you, or your baby (or most likely both of you) are feeling a bit stressed. Whilst I was on maternity leave my pushchair covered many miles of parkland. My baby enjoyed looking at his surroundings and it was great exercise for me to shift some baby weight. Check out our website for great places to walk near you.

Baby classes

There is no rule that you must take your baby to groups but don’t feel that you shouldn’t because you think you have an unsettled baby. I can guarantee all the babies will be crying too, when one starts they all follow suit shortly! I didn’t realise that mine was ‘normal’ until I interacted with Mums and their babies around the same age. It’s surprising how much the little ones enjoy groups even from a really young age, whether it’s a rhyme and story time group or something more specific such as baby massage.

Treasure baskets

Treasure baskets are absolutely great for babies of any age and their purpose is to teach your baby how to choose, touch and taste through their senses. They are so easy to make at home using every day items around the house. All you need to do is fill a basket/box with suitable safe items which have texture, noise or scent. Of course you will need to supervise your child at all times, as this is not for unsupervised play but here are some ideas of items that you could include in your treasure basket -Pine cones, loofah, sponge, feathers, citrus fruit, nail brush, wooden spoon, different fabric, bunch of keys, a whisk, bowl, and a sieve.


Getting your baby used to the water from a young age is a great thing to do, and honestly the logistics are not as bad as you probably imagine. Check the temperature of the pool before you go as some pools are not suitable for little ones younger than 6 months old. Your baby will probably get tired and irritable after about 20-30 minutes, but it will tire them out so they should have a great sleep afterwards 😉 Oh, and don’t forget milk as swimming is thirsty work for little ones.

Ice cube play

This is really easy to do and again, uses your babies senses. My little one loved playing with ice cubes and watching the ice slip and slide around in his hands.

Indoor soft play

Many indoor soft play centres have a designated area for very small children, which are sometimes free for under 1’s. Babies enjoy watching the other children playing, and sitting amongst the balls in a ball pit. Check our website for indoor soft play centres near you.

Bubble blowing

Blowing bubbles around babies instantly catches their attention keeping them occupied for ages as they watch the bubbles float around and then disappear. You can buy bubble wands from many shops or make your own using fairy liquid.

Bath time fun

Babies either love bath time, or it’s a real struggle getting them in the bath. Making bath time fun can really help make the experience either bearable, or even more enjoyable! Adding empty jugs and bottles to the bath will give your little one something to splash about with. Other ideas for bath time are rubber ducks, bath crayons, plenty of singing and laughing, oh and if there’s a sibling then put them in the bath together. 🙂
Check out these great bathtime toys which little ones will love!

And if you’re still struggling…


Check out these Activity Cards 50 Things to Do with Your Baby which contain ideas for songs, games, and other fun things to entertain your little one.
Buy them here

We hope your little ones enjoy these activities, and if you have any other suggestions then please let us know and we can share your ideas with other parents. 🙂


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