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Pom pom valentine’s craft monster

Written by Eleanor Weeks


Share a little love this Valentine’s Day, 
with a heartfelt, handmade giveaway!
This Valentine’s Pom Monster is the perfect craft for kids to try,
with a little helping hand from Mum, who no doubt will be close by! 

What you’ll need:

❤️️ Pink or red yarn

❤️️  Pom pom maker

❤️️ Foam heart stickers or foam sheets

❤️️ Googly eyes

❤️️ Pipe Cleaners

❤️️Glue gun


How to make:

 1. Begin by getting your pom pom maker, mine was a 5.5 cm one. Wrap your yarn around it several times to make a thick pom pom. Top tip: The more yarn you use the easier it will be for the ‘monster’ to stand!

2. Next, take your pipe cleaner and fold it in half.  Get two foam hearts and glue them using your glue gun onto the tips of the pipe cleaner. Glue the pipe cleaner onto the top of the pom-pom. This is to create the antenna!

3. Using your glue gun, glue the googly eyes on to the front middle section of the pom-pom.

4. Finally, place a foam heart on a flat surface and glue your pom pom on top!…and that is your Valentine craft monster’s face complete.

Remember: Allow the glue to dry completely before picking the pom up. 

❣️ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❣️

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