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12 Unmissable Underground Adventures

Written by Helen

Around the country there are magical caves that families can visit where you will see dramatic underground wonders including tunnels, waterfalls, and even subterranean lakes! Perfect for escaping a grey or rainy day and still get the kids out and about! 

1. Wookey Hole Caves – Wells, Somerset

Wookey-Hole Caves on #Daysoutwithkids
Bring the family to visit some spectacular caves and as legend has it, the home of the infamous Witch of Wookey a human shaped stalagmite that was once a witch turned to stone by a monk from Glastonbury. Recently a brand new cavern was opened to the public ‘Cavern 20’ was once only accessible by cave divers, but after blasting a tunnel through the surrounding rock you can now explore the caverns wonders.
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2. Kents Cavern – Torquay

Kents-Cavern on #Daysoutwithkids
Explore the wonders of this underground labyrinth of interconnected caverns and learn all about its fascinating history by taking a guided tour. The oldest human fossil ever found in north-western Europe was found inside the cave making it the oldest know human dwelling in Britain!
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3. Beer Quarry Caves – Seaton, Devon


Hope on one of these underground tours through the ancient Beer Quarry Caves. It’s a great day out where you and the kids will learn all about the quarry and it’s historical significance. In fact, stone from this very quarry was used in the construction of St Paul’s Cathedral, West Minster Abbey, the Tower of London and Windsor Castle.
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4. City of Caves – Nottingham

City-of-Caves on #Daysoutwithkids
Hidden underneath the streets of Nottingham you will find these ancient sandstone caves. You can join an intriguing tour which are led by actor guides Archie and Annie the archaeologists or if you want to make your own way grab an audio tour and make your way around. On the tour you will venture under the cobbles of some of Nottingham’s famous streets, including the old slum of Narrow Marsh, and you will learn all about the caves construction and how they were shaped and maintained.
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5. Speedwell Cavern – Winnats Pass, Derbyshire

Speedwell Cave on #Daysoutwithkids
All the family will enjoy a visit to these caves! You will head deep underground on a boat tour where at times the roof of the cave is so low that you can touch it. The boat glides silently through the passages which were tunnelled out when the area was a lead mine. Head deep underground where eventually you will end up in a large cavern, which is home to the Bottomless Pit a gigantic subterranean lake.
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6. Chislehurst Caves – Kent

Chislehurst-Cave on #Daysoutwithkids
Take a lamp-lit guided tour of these fascinating caves to discover the history of these dramatic manmade caves. The maze of underground tunnels cover an incredible 6 hectares and are underneath homes and woodlands. They have had many uses throughout the years from a place to grow mushrooms and even used as munitions storage.
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7. The Hell-Fire Caves – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

The-Hellfire-Caves-&-Courtyard on #Daysoutwithkids
Explore the wonders of these caves by joining a tour which will take you down the deep winding passages, which extend 1/4 mile underground! The passages lead through different chambers until you get to the Banqueting Hall, then you delve deeper over the River Styx and onwards to the temple.
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8. Llechwedd Slate Caverns – Blaenau Ffestiniog

Bounce Below on #Daysoutwithkids
There’s so much to see and do at Llechwedd Slate Caverns! Take the Victorian Mine Tour, where you will take a ride on the steepest cable ride in Britain, which takes you deep underground and you will hear stories about the realities of working in a slate mine. The caverns also offer some adrenaline inducing and unique attractions such as Bounce Below where giant trampoline-like nets have been suspended in the cavern for you to jump around on or you can even have a go at zip-lining inside the caves!
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9. Poole’s Cavern & Buxton Country Park – Derbyshire

Pooles-Cavern on #Daysoutwithkids
Go on an adventure beneath the earth at Poole’s Cavern! A guide will take you through the vast limestone caverns, where you will see giant stalactites and stalagmites, which have lined the chambers over millions of years! The caves have been illuminated with LED lights which show off the cavern’s unusual natural features.
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10. The National Showcaves Centre for Wales



You can explore the natural wonders that are these caves no matter the weather. There’s three in total: Dan-yr-Ogof, Bone Cave and Cathedral Cave, which have over 1km of safe pathways that you can navigate. You will see many stunning stalagmites, stalactite’s and even waterfalls, plus you will learn about the caves’ histories.
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11. White Scar Cave – Yorkshire

White-Scar on #Daysoutwithkids
The cave system here is so large, that the tour you take is the longest cave tour in the UK! You will see natural underground wonders including waterfalls, stalactites, streams and the largest cavern Battlefield Cavern.
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12. The Shell Grotto – Margate

The Shell Grotto Margate on #Daysoutwithkids
The Shell Grotto is a series of underground rooms and passageways covered by 2,000 sq. ft. of mosaics created with 4.6 million shells. No one really knows why the grotto was built, could it be a shrine? Visit with the family to marvel at the magic of these underground rooms and decide for yourself.
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