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The 7 best board games for kids & families

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Board games can be great on a rainy day,
So, here is a list of some of our favourites to play!
Great for both kids and adults too,
Who will be the board game champion, the kids or you?!

1. Pop Up Pirate

Amazon, £9.99

Arrrgh you ready for this pirate-themed thrilling game? Pop Up Pirate is a classic game for the whole family to enjoy! Choose your sword colour and take turns placing them into the slots. Be careful, because the wrong slot will send the pirate shooting out! This game is recommended for ages 4+. Get this fun pirate game here!

2. Don’t Wake Dad

Amazon, £19.99

Ssssh, make sure you don’t wake dad! In this board game, try and reach the fridge and win the chocolate cake without waking dad. Roll the dice and move around the board but be careful, when you land on a number piece you have to press dads alarm clock that many times! This game will have the whole family excited of sneaking around and not waking dad. This game requires batteries to get hear dad snoring, clattering of pans and shrieks of cats! The game is recommended for ages 5+. Get the game here.

3. Mouse Trap

Amazon, £14.99

Mouse Trap is sure to bring lots of laughs! Choose your coloured mouse as you scurry along the board collecting and stealing cheese from other players, but be careful, watch out for the traps! Not only is this game lots of fun but it will also teach kids valuable lessons such as all actions will have a consequence. This game is best for ages 6+. Get this squeaky fun game here.

4. Don’t Break the Ice Game

Amazon, £19.99

This game would be the perfect game to play in the wintertime! Grab your hammer and tap the piece of ice one by one, but make sure that Philip the Penguin stays on top! The more ice you tap the closer Philip is to falling down. Challenge a family member in a 1 vs 1 game or team up and play 2 against 2! Who will be the family champion? Get the game here.

5. Monopoly: L.O.L. Suprise Edition

Amazon, £16.00

I know just how much L.O.L. Surprise dolls are trending, so this monopoly is perfect for any super fan! This game has a twist on the classic board game by players buy, trading and swapping dolls instead of property. Collect rare dolls and the player with the most and rarest dolls wins! Get this fun Monopoly game here.

6. Twister

Amazon, £12.99

This game is perfect for family game night! Spin the whirl and see where your hands or feet land have to go on the mat. If your knees or elbow touches the mat or you fall over, you lose! The last player standing wins the game. Will you be able to hold your balance and win? Twister is perfect for ages 6+, you can get the game here.

7. Game of Life Junior

Amazon, £13.49

Have the time of your life in this game. Pick your colour, spin the wheel and see what twists and turns your life will have! Choose between having fun adventures on the beach or at the zoo all whilst collecting stars and seeing how the action cards and attractions affect your fate. The first player to gain 10 stars wins! This game is recommended for ages 5+, get the game here.

What have you been up to lately? We’d really love to know Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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