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Perfect Planetariums

Written by Jenna Johnston

Take the kids to learn about comets, the moon and stars,
Along with other planets such as mars!
Shows at the Planetarium will teach them about our solar system,
Whilst making them feel like they’re on a super space mission!

🔬Winchester Science Centre, Winchester🔬

Enjoy a 360 cinema screen experience at this science centre! Visit the Winchester Science Centre and prepare to for a journey through a black hole, a flight through the solar system or fly on a cardboard rocket. There are two different experiences to have, either exciting live presenter-led shows or super full-dome films. Enjoy shows such as Simply Space and prepare to transport through the universe, spot stars, planets and the milky way. Find out more information here.

💫Glasgow Science Centre, Glasgow💫

This science centre has a super planetarium for you to visit! Sit back and enjoy two super shows with the voice of two famous faces. Choose between “Back to the Moon for Good” which is narrated by Tim Allen or “We Are Aliens” narrated by Rupert Grint. Before you board the Planetarium, make sure to check out the marvellous Space Zone! Find out more information here.

🌎Royal Museums Greenwich, London🌎

Learn all about the wonders of the night sky at this Planetarium. Little ones will adore Ted’s Space Adventure, which will take them on an adventure around the Solar System with a bear called Ted. Kids will also learn to investigate different places and how they affect us. There are also Moon-themed mornings which include a planetarium show and an immersive virtual reality activity letting them experience how it feels to walk on the moon! Find out more information here.

🚀South Downs Planetarium, Brighton🚀

When visiting this sunny seaside town, why not take the kids to visit this super planetarium. Sit back and enjoy shows which are suitable for kids as young as under 6. Shows which the whole family can enjoy are Exoplanets, Distant Worlds Alien Life, The Night Sky This Easter, Seven Wonders of The Solar System and many more. Find out more information here.

🌠We The Curious, Bristol🌠

Check out this 3D digital Planetarium! Sit back and enjoy learning all things about the solar system. I highly recommend you take your little ones to Rocketship Adventure, in which they will go on a quest to explore Earth with Stella the Bear. During the winter months, there is also a Winter Stargazing 3D session where the whole family can take a guided tour while discovering famous constellations. Find out more information here.

🌜Science Zone UK, Bournemouth🌛

Explore this super interactive science centre and check out the planetarium whilst you’re there. The planetarium shows the night sky along with other fascinating science topics such as ‘Dinosaurs at Dusk’, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Volcanoes’. After checking out the planetarium, make sure to explore the other activities on offer such as Choco Science Egg’speriments, Magnets & Energy and Pirates and The Sea. Find out more information here.

🌠ThinkTank, Birmingham🌠

Enjoy amazing shows at this museums Planetarium. Throughout the day, you can experience fantastic shows for just £2.50! Families can enjoy watching shows such as Solar System Adventure which takes you on a journey through the rings of Saturn and Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night which allows you to join Vladimir the polar bear and James the travelling penguin on a submarine. Find out more information here.

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