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Our 7 favourite attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Written by Jenna Johnston


If you’re looking for some summer fun,
Who doesn’t love a waterpark in the sun!
From tube slides to a toboggan race,
Who will be the quickest and win first place?

🎢 Our favourite attractions! 🎢

1. Downhill Double Dipper

Grab a friend and get ready to race each other in these side by side slides! Whizz down a 50 feet plummet at exhilarating speeds and see who can slide down the fastest. May the fastest racer win!

2. Runoff Rapids

Grab your tube and rush down 3 slides in this attraction! Choose between two slides which travel around each other or a slide which is enclosed with just pinpricks of light. Each slide is different from the other giving you a unique experience!

3. Snow Stormers

Climb to the top of this snowy mountain, choose your slide and race down on your stomach on a toboggan-style mat! Will you be the winner of the race to the bottom of Mount Gushmore?

4. Summit Plummet

This is one for the thrill-seekers! Plunge down 12 stories almost straight through a dark tunnel before ending your journey with a massive splash. This is definitely one for the older kids who love an adrenaline rush.

5. Toboggan Runners

This attraction is perfect for all ages! Get the whole family together to compete against each other in this race and see who will be the family winner.

6. Tike’s Peak

This attraction is the perfect place for little ones to get their thrills but without all the height! Tike’s Peak includes different types of slides such as tube, chute and side-by-side along with pop-up water jets to start a water fight.

7. Ski Patrol Training Camp

Calling all ski patrollers! Challenge yourself to this obstacle course which features waterslides, tricky obstacles and thin ice training course to test your balancing skills. This attraction is sure to make kids squeal with excitement!


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