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No-Sew Easter Sock Bunny

Easter Sock Bunny Craft
Written by Rachel Cave


Let’s go and be crafty… I wonder what we can make?
How about this cute Easter bunny that’s easy to create!
With no sewing or gluing, its mess and fuss-free,
A super cute gift to you from me!

You will need: 

Easter Sock Bunny Craft Step 1

Roll of tape
Permanent marker
String or twine
A sock
Decorative ribbon

How to make:

Step one:

Easter Sock Bunny Craft Step 2

Firstly, use the tape as a holder and pour the sock halfway with rice.

Step Two:

Easter Sock Bunny Craft Step 3

Then fill another 1/4 of the sock with rice and tie again at the top with string to form a small head shape.

Step Three:

Easter Sock Bunny Craft Step 4

Cut the remaining part of the sock that is left (the top part of the sock) in half downwards – to form two ears and trim into a pointed or circular ear shape and wrap some decorative ribbon around the top of the bunnies body to create a bow 🙂

Step Four:

Easter Sock Bunny Craft Step 5

With your marker pen, draw some cute eyes (or you can use buttons or sequins for this) and a mouth.  You could even add a tail with a pom- pom! And Voila, your super cute Easter bunny is complete! Easy peasy! A perfect little gift the kids can make.

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