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Lets Fly a Kite!

Written by Lottie


We all know how hit and miss our British summers can be! However a windy day is the perfect chance to grab a bright and beautiful kite to take to the skies with. If you haven’t flown a kite yet, or just want some friendly pointers on where to fly, types of kite and more, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know! 

Where to fly?


So where can I fly a kite? The answer is absolutely anywhere! A large garden, the park, a piece of waste ground, as long as there is enough space you can do it. Try to avoid areas close to trees and telephone wires for obvious reasons, and try to find places that avoid you climbing onto private land to retrieve a downed kite!

Types of kite


Kites come in many different shapes! From the classic diamond shape, box kites, tube kites, wings, bird shapes, delta wings, the variety is staggering! For little ones I would avoid stunt kites and look for single line kites until they have mastered the basics. Most large retailers have kites in stock at this time of year. Toy shops and some outdoor equipment stores will have great choices too. We tried a box kite from our local toy shop, which was simple to build and simple to fly!

Fun kite designs


If you shop around, there really are some cool kites that can be picked up either online or your local shop! How about a kite which has a cuddly bear attached to a parachute! When you get nice and high you can release the parachute and watch him float safely back to terra firma!

Build your own


Why not make your own, and you can even customise it with an awesome design? There are hundreds of kite building designs and tutorials on the internet, check out these 27 different kite designs here!

Days Out With Kids kite challenge…

Here are a couple of ideas to turn your kite flying into a bigger challenge!

Recycled kite

Why not challenge them to build a kite only with materials they collect from recycling or litter? A couple of strong sticks, a sheet of plastic and a streaming tail of sweetie wrappers will look as great and function just as well!

Think big!

Can you make one that can carry a payload? Why not set yourself a challenge to get your own little teddy into the clouds or how about a little camera to record your adventure?

Send us photos of your handmade kite or let us know if you’ve found the perfect kite flying spot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 😀



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