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Best Ever Water Games

Best Ever Water Games
Written by Lottie

The moment the sun makes a brief appearance my little ones want to play with water to cool off! If you’re finding yourself stuck for some creative and fun water game ideas,  this handy list that I’ve pulled together should provide hours of entertainment… they’ve always proved popular in my household! 

Water Gun Tag

Instead of traditional ‘catch’ or ‘it’, in this game children shoot water with a pistol to catch their opponent!

Water Transfer (fun for little ones!)

Give your child 2 buckets, one with water and another without. Ask them to transfer the water from one bucket to the other using only a sponge! This keeps my 3 year old happy all afternoon! Watch out though, sometimes they decide it’s more fun just to get in!

Water Ball Shooter

Create a goal / target on the ground using a rope or something similar. Line up some lightweight balls and use a hose to move / push the balls into the goal using the water (a hose with a sprayer on the end works best).

Water Fights

What better way to have some ‘extreme’ fun as a family that a water fight in the garden. Here are some fun ways to make sure you do it in style

Firstly decide if you are playing individually or as a team.

  • Choose a base for each person / team. This is the ‘safe’ zone so no soaking allowed!
  • Give each person/ team a selection of plastic containers to fill with water.
  • Hide these containers around the garden / game area to use as refills!
  • OR choose coloured water bomb balloons for each person and hide them  around the garden so you can give your ‘enemies’ a surprise soaking!!
  • The person/ team who remain the driest when the water runs out wins! (But where’s the fun in staying dry?!)

Watering Plants


OK, so technically this isn’t a game but it’s something that mine really enjoy and will do independently. I fill the paddling pool (or a large bucket) with water, then give the children various containers, such as spray bottles, watering cans, cups and plastic bottles. They fill the containers and use them to water plants all around the garden. Their favourites are the squeezy drinks bottle type containers that squirt water at the plants.

Car Washing

It’s amazing how much kids love washing cars – a job which many grown ups dislike! So, get the little ones in their swim wear, give them a bucket full of soapy water and a sponge and let them wash to their hearts content. 😉

Do you know any fun water games that we’ve missed? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 😀



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