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7 totally weatherproof indoor games to play

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun,
This blog is full of lots of activities for everyone!
From indoor bowling to board game and a bubble craft,
These rainy days at home are sure to be a blast!

1. Indoor bowling

Adorable toddler girl playing bowling at home

This game provides hours of fun for children (and adults too!! ) and can be as competitive as you like! You can either buy an indoor bowling set (this one on Amazon is brill, buy here) or use empty water bottles and set up the, up in a line. Make sure you have a softball too. Plus, don’t forget to place some tape as a starting line so avoid any cheating!

2. Dressing up stories

playing costumes

Get the kids using their imaginations and write a story – it could simply be just their favourite fairy tale with a cool twist! They then have to act out their stories complete with costumes and props. Of course, you’ll need to put your acting skills to the test and join in with them too!

3. Alphabet fishing


Alphabet fishing is a fun and easy way to develop letter recognition and early reading skills! Plus. it makes a brilliant activity those rainy days! All you need are some magnetic letters (available here on Amazon), sticks or chopsticks (whichever you have to hand in the house), string, and paperclips. First, tie the paper clips to your string. Once you have done this then tie (or glue) your string to your stick. Pour the magnetic letters into a big bowl…and let the children start fishing! The ‘catch of the day’ is the kids then need to make words with the letters they hook out.

4. Play ‘Sardines’ – a twist on the traditional hide and seek

boy and girl playing hide and seek in closet

You’ll need at least four players for this game with one person hiding and the other players searching for the hider. When a player finds ones of their family members hiding, they then need to hide with that player staying where they are until another player finds them and so on. The fun will continue until the last person finds everyone at which point everyone will be squashed like – sardines!

5. Board games

board games

Put aside all your electronic gadgets and play with traditional board games. – You will have hours of endless fun!  Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who, Monopoly…the list is endless of which games to choose from to keep your little ones entertained!

6. Play ‘Bubbles’!


This game is very simple, yet lots of fun! All you need is water, washing up liquid, a bowl and some straws. Put some water (about 2cm) into the bowl with some washing up liquid and mix just a little bit until bubbles start forming. Use the straw to gently blow bubbles (avoid drinking – it tastes yuck) and very quickly you’ll start making huge bubbles! You could even add a bit of food colouring to make different coloured bubbles!

7. Build a den

blanket fort

Drape blankets and sheets over chairs to make a cosy den for the kids. They can read books, play games and even nap (if you’re lucky!).  However, the challenge may be coaxing them out of their secret fort at teatime!

We hope you enjoy these brilliant boredom busters to keep the little ones busy if it’s miserable outside! Even better, if the sun decides to shine these games can be played in the garden too.

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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