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15 Ways to make your child’s birthday memorable whilst self-isolating!

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Has your child got a birthday while we stay put in isolation?
Don’t fear, we’ve got tons of celebration ideas for the nation!
From living room discos to pizza making nights,
plus a movie marathon full of lots of frights!

🕺 1. Have a living room disco 💃

Disco ball (because no disco is complete without one of those) plus blow up guitars/ microphones and glow sticks and you are ready for the ultimate living room disco! All of these items can be ordered from Amazon, we have popped a few links below!
⭐️Disco Ball Lights, click here!
⭐️ Inflatable Rock Star Set of 18, click here!
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🎉 2. Play party games 🎉

You can’t go wrong with playing some party games, right?! Here are some of our favourites… Pinata, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical statues but there are so many more! You may be thinking, but there is only four of us self isolating in this household? Look at the positives… the likelihood of winning pass the parcel is significantly higher! Plus, more sweets for you in a game of pinata. Talking of pinatas we’ve found a super cool one on amazon. It’s a doughnut shape pinata, take a look at it here!

🎬3. Create your own cinema 🎬

You can do this either indoors or outdoors, where ever you feel you have the most space! Get all your bean bags and blankets together and create a cosy place to sit. Why not have a go at making your own popcorn and finally let the birthday child choose the film!

🎈4. Make animal balloons🎈

Making animal balloons could be the perfect birthday activity for your little ones. We’ve found an awesome balloon animal kit which comes with 100 balloons, a pump and access to an app with lots of video tutorials. This kit is guaranteed to bring hours of fun for everyone! Take a look at it here!

🎁 5. Create a birthday present hunt 🎁

Similar to a scavenger hunt or Easter egg hunt, why not create a birthday present hunt for your child! Hide there presents around the house, and outside too if you would like, right a few clues and get them to hunt for their prezzies! A fun and exciting way of opening presents on their birthday morning.

👸6. Throw a princess dinner party👸

Is your child a huge fan of Disney Princesses? Why not throw them a Princess Dinner party with the family in your household for their birthday! Cook your little ones favourite meal, have a princess birthday cake and all wear your best party dresses and suits!

📱 7. Play virtual games with friends & family 📱

Play virtual games or have a quiz with friends and family through Zoom or Skype! (If anyone that doesn’t know, ‘Zoom’ is a fab video communication app which allows you to talk to friends/family via your mobile devices, desktop, telephone etc!) Plus, you can all sing Happy Birthday and watch as the person blows out the candles!

💆8. Have a spa day at home💆

A spa day at home could be the perfect birthday treat during isolation – perhaps your teenager loves a good pamper or trying out the latest face masks?! If that’s the case, then why not create your own spa day for them full of face masks, nail painting, hair curling and a few mocktails too! Don’t have face masks, spa products at home? We’ve found some available on Amazon at a great price, take a look below!
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🍕9. Have a family pizza-making evening🍕

I mean everyone loves pizza, right?! Celebrate your child’s birthday with an evening of making all your favourite pizzas with lots of yummy toppings! Not only is this a super fun activity for the whole family to join in with but very yummy too. Plus, birthday dinner would be sorted too – result!😜

☕️10. Have a tea party in the garden or living room☕️

Is your little one a fan of the short children’s story ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’? Why not reenact their favourite book and have your afternoon tea birthday celebration – making sure there’s an interruption from a fluffy tiger toy of course! Your afternoon tea could be made up of all their favourite sandwiches, cupcakes and yummy treats? You could do this outside if you have a garden, or it would work perfectly in your lounge too.

🥇11. Play family games on your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo WII🥇

If you have a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo WII why not have family games afternoon? Many of our followers have said how brilliant the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Toyko 2020 is! – If you have this or a similar sports games why not play this as a family for a fun birthday afternoon activity. It sure sounds like it would be a great laugh, and no doubt bring out a few of your competitive sides.

⛹️‍♀️12. Create an obstacle course in your garden (weather dependant)⛹️‍♀️

If the sun is shining and you have a garden, why not create an obstacle course for the birthday child (and your other children) to take part in! This would be a super fun birthday afternoon activity! Your obstacle course could feature things such as hula-hoop hopscotch, a frisbee activity, hurdles, pogo jump and so much more! You could even finish the course with a water fight perhaps!

🌭13. Have a BBQ (weather dependant)🌭

Again, this one is weather dependant, but if the sun is shining why not have a bbq for your child’s birthday dinner! Whilst the food is cooking on the bbq you could play some fun outdoor games in the garden too.

⛺️14. Build a den⛺️

If you’ve got younger children, you’re probably familiar with them loving to build dens out of blankets, pillows and pretty much anything they can get their little hands-on! Why not get them building a huge den as a birthday morning activity, they could then have birthday picniq in it or watch some films! If the weather is nice, they could even do this outside!

🎉15. Get family and friends to record ‘Happy Birthday’ messages🎉

Finally, this is a really lovely idea that may of our followers were suggesting/have done,… get your family and friends to record ‘Happy Birthday’ messages. You could then pop all these short clips into a video using apps such as iMovie! With so many people unfortunately not being able to spend their birthdays seeing loved ones, this is a really lovely idea and a way to keep everyone feeling connected.

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to have a go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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