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15 reasons why SEA LIFE London hosts over 1 MILLION visitors every year!

Written by Lewis Everrett

What Creatures Lurk In The Ocean Deep?
Some Walk, Most Swim, Few Creep.
SEA Life London Displays The Most,
Take A Look From Oceans To Coast.

Who else wants a kriller day out this summer?

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Did you know that SEA Life London Aquarium hosts over 1 MILLION visitors every year!!! So, what makes this Aquarium so popular for couples, families, and even celebrities?

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out for the whole family, or shrimply seeking to visit the award-winning London Aquarium, we’ve compiled 15 reasons why SEA Life London is so special:

1. The magnificent creatures

Of course, this list wouldn’t be authentic without including the main attraction at SEA Life London – the extensive range of beautiful ocean creatures! Here are just a few of the near-endless creatures that you can spot at SEA Life London:

12 Different Species of Shark
Coral Reef Inhabitants
Rainforest Species

All of these and so many more! From razor-sharp teeth to gigantic tentacles, there’s something for everyone.

The aquarium even features the UK’s largest living coral reef, I wonder whether your little ones will be able to find Nemo…

Fact Attack: Did you know that sharks have lived in our oceans for more than 420 million years! That makes them older than trees!

2. Amazing conservation and charity work

The SEA Life London Aquarium doesn’t just display a near-endless range of creatures from across the world’s oceans… it protects them as well.

The aquariums love for the ocean and its creatures doesn’t stop within the walls of the facility. Having their own charity, SEA LIFE TRUST, the aquarium has led ground-breaking projects for the conservation of our ocean’s creatures, worldwide beach cleans, and the worlds-first Beluga Whale Sanctuary’s.

This ethical aquarium continues to protect the animals that we love to watch time and time again!

Fact attack: Around 75% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by human activity. SEA LIFE Trust offers a free sustainable seafood guide for you and the family!

3. The thrilling Shark Walk

SEA Life London kicks your visit off with a bang – walk over the glass window to see some incredible views of the magical pacific display. Watch as some of the oldest living predators swim inches beneath your feet! If your child likes sharks, this will be an exciting thrill!

Fact Attack: Did you know that sharks don’t have any bones? Instead, they are made of cartilaginous tissue… despite this, they can still fossilize!

4. The gorgeous Atlantic Coasts

Continue your journey through the world’s oceans by exploring the mysterious creatures that inhabit the Atlantic Coasts. Keep an eye out for the silver shoal of sand eels and meet the very intelligent common octopus!

Fact Attack: Did you know that octopuses have three hearts! Two of these work to move blood beyond the gills, the third keeps circulation flowing… the third heart even stops beating when they swim!

5. The happy faces of the Ray Lagoon

Next, take a stroll through the shallow Atlantic waters and you’ll arrive at the Ray Lagoon… teeming with beautiful, curious Rays! Make sure you and the family look from underneath to see the Rays gills, tiny eyes, and funny faces.

Fact Attack: The Manta Ray can grow as long as 29 feet and weigh up to 2404 kg!

6. Walk under turtles in the Ocean Tunnel

It’s time to explore the ocean tunnel which will take you under the sea… although you may not find SpongeBob, you’ll be able to spot the enormous Green Sea turtles glide slowly over your head.

Fact Attack: Green Sea turtles are what they eat! Being primarily herbivores, eating seagrasses and algae is what gives Green Sea turtles their colour!

7. Explore true depth in Open Oceans

A magnificent display awaits you in the Open Ocean facility! Floating around the replica bones of a great whale are a wide range of tropical fish including Purple Tangs, Triggerfish, and Snappers. See if your kids can spot the dancing Cownose Rays or the Southern Stingrays that patrol the seabed.

Fact Attack: Even at just 75cm in length, Titan Triggerfish are so defensive that they have been known to attack scuba divers!

8. Try to hold your nerve in the Shipwreck

Are your little ones feeling a little daring? How about a journey through Shark infested waters? Take a plunge into the Pacific Ocean and into the ancient Shipwreck. Watch as some of the world’s deadliest predators soar past you!

Fact Attack: Shipwreck is home to the Bowmouth Guitarfish called Betty. She’s half shark, half ray! See if you can find her!

9. Find Nemo in the Coral Kingdom

Don’t tell the little ones, but I think I may have found Nemo… he’s been hiding out in the Coral Kingdom all this time! Dive into a dazzling underwater oasis and come face-to-fin with the world’s most famous fish. With hundreds of clownfish making the Coral Kingdom their home, you’ll have to try and guess which one you think is Nemo.

Fact Attack: The Coral Kingdom is UK’s largest living coral reef!

10. Prepare to be amazed at the Seahorse Kingdom

Looking for something even weirded? Seahorse kingdom is home to the some of the most mythical creatures that you could ever see! Seahorses and Seadragons occupy these waters so watch carefully as they bob slowly past the window with gorgeous colours and vibrancy. You’ve never seen anything quite this unique before…

Fact Attack: Male Seahorses, Seadragons, and Pipefish are the only male animals on the planet to give birth!

11. Dare yourself in the Rainforest Adventure

What’s lurking underneath the canopies of the hot, humid rainforest? Travel through the winding roots and tree trunks to examine some of the most spectacular fish!

Fact Attack: Rainforests house more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem!

12. Get up close at Rockpool Explorer

Have your little ones ever wondered what it would be like to stroke a Starfish, or tickle a Sea Anemone? Float through the SEA Life London Rockpool to experience what it’s like to do both!

Experts are nearby to offer a unique opportunity to learn more about these magical micro-habitats and the unique creatures that thrive in the.

Fact Attack: Sea Anemones have no brain, blood, or heart!

13. Chill with some penguins in the Polar Adventures

Feeling a little too hot? Head down to the Polar Adventure where you and your family can join a colony of Gentoo Penguins!

This icy haven is the perfect place to learn more about how SEA Life London is supporting the charity Falklands Conservation.

Fact Attack: Despite usually living in areas filled with snow and ice. Gentoo penguins only ever breed in areas without either!

14. Stay aware at the Shark Reef Encounter

The sharks here may look fearsome, but if you look closely, you may even see some daring fish get close and use the shark’s rough skin to scratch an itch! These close encounters are sure to leave your kids wanting more…

Fact Attack: Shark skin feels exactly like sandpaper! Tiny-teeth structures on their scales help reduce friction from surrounding water!

15. Step into the world of Jellyfish Ocean Invaders

How about stepping into the world of jellyfish? Ocean Invaders features 3 unique, interactive zones for your little ones to explore. Guess what… Ocean Invaders is also the UK’s largest jellyfish experience!

Fact Attack: Jellyfish have survived all five of Earth’s mass extinction events, at over 600 million years old, the jellyfish is the oldest multi-organ animal!

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