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13 Spooky Places to Visit This Halloween (or anytime!)

Written by Helen


We’re already getting into the Halloween spirit at the Days Out With Kids office thinking of all the crafts and goodies we are going to make. We have also been seeking out some spooky places  to take the (older) kids for a ‘spooky’ day out and we’ve found a number of creepy dwellings up and down the country for you to visit.

Denbigh Castle, Wales

Denbigh-Castle on #daysoutwithkids

All that remains of this once large castle are rambling ruins perched on top of the steep hill. The castle is thought to be haunted by a 15 year old boy who fell from the scaffolding on the Goblin Tower. If you look carefully they say you can see his face peering out from one of the tower windows.

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Rufford Old Hall, Lancashire

-Rufford-Old-Hall on #Daysoutwithkids

It is believed that William Shakespeare spent some of his youth at this fantastic Tudor property. Stuffed full of furniture, arms, armour and tapestries for you to admire and you can see the dining room is laid up ready for a meal. The house is thought to be haunted by a widow whose still waiting for her husband to return from war. She declared before her death that she would not leave the hall until he returned.

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Pluckley Village, Kent

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It has been said that this village is the most haunted in the UK. The Guinness World Records puts the official figure of ghosts that haunt the village at 12, so visit if you’re brave enough.

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The Tower of London – Save up to 17% off tickets when you book through Days Out With Kids

Tower of London on #daysoutwithkids

There is something for all of the family at this fortress, one of the most famous landmarks in London. The castle was in the past used as a prison,  a number of old prisoners are thought to haunt the corridors. It’s even thought that the ghost of Henry VI appears on the anniversary of his death.

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Old Wardour Castle, Wales.

Old-Wardour-Castle on #daysoutwithkids

Old Wardour Castle is a fantastic day out for the budding historians in your family. Learn of the Castle’s eventful past including how it was badly damaged during the Civil War.

There’s a ghost story associated with this castle: 25 men were defending the castle against hundreds of Roundheads. They surrendered and agreed terms, but the Roundheads ignored the terms and put them to death. Around twilight ghostly figures are often seen walking around the grounds, they are thought to be the defenders.

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The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Garret, London

Old operating theatre on #daysoutwithkids

You have to clamber up some steep creaky stairs to reach the loft above the St Thomas’s Church to find this museum. Learn all about the history of the ward and what life was like in the 1800’s. The theatre provided an ideal area for demonstrating surgical skills, with the help from the large skylight above. Discover many gruesome facts about operations before anaesthetic and antiseptics.

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Culloden Moor, Inverness

Culloden-Moor on #daysoutwithkdis

This is the site of the last battle in Britain, the Battle of Culloden which took place on April 16th 1746. In just 40 minutes of fighting, the massed army of Bonnie Prince Charlie had been slaughtered by government troops. Ghosts of the soldiers are thought to appear on the anniversary of the battle every year. You can visit the visitor centre located nearby to learn more about the history.

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Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

It’s often said that this is the most haunted building in the UK and if you are brave enough you can even stay the night in one of the B&B rooms. Be warned though, previous residents have jumped out of their bedroom windows to escape what they have experienced. The Inn is thought to be built on an ancient pagan burial ground, which might explain the hauntings.

Athelhampton House, Dorset

Athelhampton House on #daysoutwithkids

Athelhampton House is one of the finest fifteenth century houses in England and is bursting with fascinating history. Spooky sightings in the house include a pair of duelling ghosts haunting the Great Chamber, tapping sounds are often heard coming from the wine cellar and the scraping of cat claws on the floorboards have been reported.

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Eyam, Derbyshire

Eyam Village on #daysoutwithkids

This village became famous in 1665 during the plague. When the plague was first discovered in the village it isolated itself to stop the disease spreading to nearby villages. In all 260 villagers died, double the normal mortality rate suffered by London in the Great Plague. The village’s haunted locations include the Miner’s Arms pub, where unexplained footsteps are heard and Eyam Hall where a young servant girl is thought to wander.

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Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Castle-Berry on #daysoutwithkids

Berry Pomeroy Castle was intended to become the most spectacular house in Devon, but the project was abandoned by 1700 and has become the focus of spooky ghost stories. There are a number of legends associated with the castle, and according to the English Heritage guidebook, it “is reputed to be one of the most haunted castles in Britain.”

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Ham House, Richmond-upon-Thames

Ham House on#daysoutwithkdis

This grand house is supposed to be one of the most haunted in the UK. There’s a ghost dog that prowls around and according to investigations there have been many more paranormal activities reported.

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Whitby Abbey, Yorkshire

Whitby-Abbey on #daysoutwithkids

A visit to these haunting ruins lets you see how they inspired Bram Stoker whilst writing Dracula. The ruins are supposed to be haunted by a ghostly nun.

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Are you brave enough to visit any of these haunted or creepy places?


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