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12 Disneyland Paris tips for first timers!

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Planning a trip to Disneyland® Paris for the first time?
Did you know you can use FASTPASS®* to save time in line?
Come and see Mickey, Minnie and more!
We hope these handy tips will help you to explore!

So you’ve decided to take the holiday of a lifetime and head to Disneyland® Paris, what now? Check out our 12 tips below to make your first time at Disneyland® Paris the best time!

1.  Check the weather forecast☔️

We suggest more than anything to take a good look at the weather forecast the day before visiting the park! That way you get can a good idea of what to expect weather-wise and dress accordingly! It might be a good idea to wear layers if the weather is looking cooler and don’t forget to take a pack-a-mac or poncho for showers and water rides!

2.Don’t underestimate the size of the parks🚶‍♀️

Disneyland® Paris consists of two parks, Disneyland® Park and Walt Disney Studios® Park as well as the shopping district, Disney Village®. All the Disneyland® Hotels are around a 20-minute walk from the main park gate too.

3. Book dinner reservations in advance🍔

Make your reservations for dinner as early as possible as they get booked up super quickly! To make a reservation ahead of your trip to Disneyland® Paris you can call the Disneyland number direct. Or, if you would like to make a reservation during your trip you can speak to concierge or guest reception at your hotel or visit City Hall, the main information point, in Disneyland® Park.

4. Download the free Disneyland® Paris Mobile App📱

If there is one thing to make sure you do on your trip to Disneyland® Paris, its to download the free Disneyland® Paris mobile app! The app contains everything you could possibly need to know and so much more, from opening hours of all the parks to ride times and current wait time for rides too! The app also has information about restaurants, entertainment, toilets, smoking areas and much more.

5. Bring cash into the parks💷

Having cash to hand in the Disneyland® Parks will be super useful. Whether you are wanting to tip the waiter in one of the amazing restaurants, (if you wish to leave a tip for the waiter you cannot add this to the bill instead all tips must be in cash to the specific waiter), or buy your little one a lightsaber from a cart down the main street (the carts positioned down the main street only accept cash payment!)

6. Book in advance dinner reservations for character dining🍴

This is a must when visiting Disneyland® Paris with little ones! They will love the experience of meeting their favourite characters whilst eating a yummy dinner. Plus, it is a great way to guarantee you’ll meet Mickey!

7. Wear comfortable shoes👟

You are likely to spend a lot of time walking when visiting Disneyland® Paris so be sure to wear comfortable shoes to avoid getting those nasty blisters! Stable, comfortable shoes that you have preferably worn before is your best bet.

8. Bring a portable charger🔌

You are going to be wanting to take picture after picture, I mean you are in Disneyland® Paris after all! So, to avoid your phone running out of battery, bring a portable charger with you! That way you can continue to capture endless special moments without the worry of it draining your battery.

9. Take a picture of your parking spot🚗

For those of you who are not staying in a Disney® hotel and are driving to the park, we recommend taking a picture of your parking spot. Because, let’s be honest, after a long day and feeling tired you may not remember where you parked.

10. Rent a push-chair👧

You may not think your little ones require a pushchair anymore but this is Disneyland® Paris and there will be a lot of walking! Add that to warm weather, lack of sleep and the overwhelming nature of Disney, and you have a recipe for disaster! Pushchair rental is located at the beginning of the main street. Even if you park it in the morning and only grab it after lunch, you will thank yourself for it after lunch, trust me. Plus, no need to worry about the pushchair stopping you from being an adrenaline junkie, as there are designated areas all around the park where you are able to leave them whilst enjoying a ride!

11. Take advantage of *FASSPASS®⌚️

FASTPASS® is included in your Disneyland® Paris park tickets! Simply insert your Park ticket at FASTPASS® attractions and you will receive your return time ticket to the attraction and board via the FASTPASS® entrance. So, why not plan which attractions you wish to FASTPASS® and in which order to make the most of this amazing feature! We recommend booking these in early, as they can sometimes run out when the parks are super-busy and you don’t want to miss out on this free but amazing service! *T&C’s apply.

12. Secure your spot an hour before an event🕔

Want to make sure you don’t miss Mickey and the Magician, the Disney Stars on Parade and the Disney Illumuniations Fireworks? We recommend finding your spot an hour before these events begin to beat the chaotic rush and avoid the disappointment of missing out on the action altogether!


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