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10 Brilliant Beach Toys You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

Written by Giggs Lee

Looking for games to play in the sun?
Why not cool down with a water gun?
Perfect for families and friends
providing fun that will never end!

Have you ever went to the beach but wish you had some toys or just anything to kill that boredom? Well, this list will give you a wholesome range of fun activities ranging from casual card games to competitive ball games for families and kids!

1. Spike Ball

This competitive ball game was popularised in America, it has been played competitively on ESPN and it is a 2 vs 2 game which is perfect for families! The goal is to “spike” the ball onto the net in a way which your opponent team can’t return or save the “spike”. This game will make you break a sweat from running around the net and trying to save a spike! Get yours here.

2. Dobble!

This next game is not as competitive as Spike Ball, but it will still provide plenty of fun! Dobble is a card game where you have to spot the matching symbol between each card and in this kit, there are 5 mini-games which you can play from. There are many versions of Dobble, but this one is waterproof so you can be played anywhere you like! Get yours here.

3. Octopus Kite

This big, fun and cool octopus kite is perfect for the windy beach days. The kite comes with a carry on bag so you can carry it to the beach, or anywhere you like. The material is parafoil nylon, so it is super lightweight, even suitable for your children to carry. Buy it here.

4. Velcro Catch Ball Game

This classic game is also perfect for families and kids, it includes 4  paddles and 6 different balls (4 soft, and 2 hard) for different levels of difficulty. The game is perfect for beach days, but it can also be played on any other occasions like at a park or garden. Get yours here.

5. Beach Toy Set

One of the first things kids do when they go to the beach is to build a sandcastle, therefore a beach toy set has to be on the list. This set contains 20 pieces of molds and tools for you to build your formidable sandcastle, and it also comes with a mesh backpack perfect for your little ones to carry to the beach! Get your set here!

6. Frisbee

Personally, when I go to the beach I love a game of frisbee, you can play with your family or friends and it is very inexpensive. I included this squidgy frisbee because of the soft and flexible material, it is perfect for children to learn to catch and throw and dogs will love it too! Buy yours here.

7. Tumbling Tower

 This multicolored jumbling tower is perfect for children and families to play with. The set is can be played as the tumbling tower game, dominoes, or used to create different arrangements! You may think you’ll need a hard surface to play this game, however playing this on wet sand also works just fine! Get yours here. 

8. Tumbling Tower XL

Okay, I had to include the giant version of tumbling towers, this version is over 5 feet tall it comes with a strong carry bag so you can carry it where ever you’d like, and it is a game that suits every occasion, whether you’re at home having a party, or wanting to play a game with your family during a sunny day in the garden. Get yours here.

9. Buzz Lightyear Water Blaster Backpack

Team up with one of the most popular Disney characters to soak your enemies! This water blaster backpack has a large capacity so you can last a large period of splashing and even if you run out of water, it is very easy to fill up the backpack again. Get your backpack here.

10. Inflatable Family Pool

So the last item isn’t much of a toy to play with, it’s more for everybody who wants to relax and chill on the water. This island pool float can fit 6 adults, which is perfect for families and friends. It also has 6 cupholders, and 3 grab ropes making it easier to get on and off the island. Get yours here.

What have you been up to lately? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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