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10 of the best Christmas games for families

Written by Eleanor Weeks

In need of a little something to liven up your festive evenings?
These Christmas games are guaranteed to get the party going like you wouldn’t believe!
Most of the games are G-Rated and family-friendly, but if you fancy add some drink!
Take a look at our list and see what you think!🍻

1. Christmas Charades

If you’ve ever play charades you know just how outrageously fun it can be! So, why not put an awesome Christmas twist on the nations favourite game, Christmas Charades requires each participant to physically act out Christmas themed phrases, titles of Christmas movies or songs and characters such as Santa and Rudolph…all without speaking!!   Suitable for all ages,  this is the perfect family game this Christmas.

2. “Snowball” Throw

A twist on your traditional snowball fight, “snowball” throw involves a person tossing a marshmallow to a fellow team member – aiming for their mouth! Each team gains a point every time a marshmallow is caught! So, make sure to pick up a few bags of large marshmallows on your next food shop!

3. Paper Plate Christmas Scene

For any budding Van Gogh’s out there, this game is sure to be right up your street! All you will need is some paper plates and pens and are you are good to go!  Each player has to draw a holiday scene on a paper plate, whilst it’s on top of their head. Points go to those who manage the best picture, there are bound to be a few that will make you chuckle!

4. Christmas Trivia

Nothing says family gatherings like some friendly competition, right?!  And no game like Christmas Trivia will test your friends and family members’ knowledge more! Write questions related to Christmas on pieces of card, number them and tape them to walls around the living room. Your guests can then go-round with pencil and paper and write down the answers to the numbered questions, ready for the answers to be read out at the end and the winner crowned!

5. Take a Bow

Give a handful of bows to everyone at the start of Christmas Eve, then their goal is too SECRETIVELY stick them on the backs of as many other family and friends also joining in on the festive fun! At the end of the evening, each guest must eat a Brussel sprout for every bow on their backs. Or fancy adding some alcohol into the mix for the adults? Each adult must have a shot for every bow on their back!

7. Reindeer Ring Toss

The Reindeer Ring Toss Game is the perfect excuse to wear a pair of adorable antlers and have lots of family fun this Christmas Eve! Choose one family member to be the “reindeer” and wear the antler headband whilst everyone else takes turns trying to toss rings around the antlers in under one minute. Score 5 points for landing five rings in under a minute or 1 point per successfully landed ring.

8. Jingle in the Trunk

This game begins with 12 jingle bells placed inside an empty tissue box and attached to your waist. The aim of the game is to then get all 12 balls out of the box by dancing or prancing only, you cannot use your hands! But who will be the best dancer? You’ll have to wait and see!

9. Marshmallow Stack

More marshmallow games, (we just love them) and this one is super simple! Gather your friends and family together, grab a few bags of marshmallows and place a coaster in the centre of your table! Each person will take a turn in placing a marshmallow on the coaster until they have to start stacking them… and exactly like Jenga, when the stack of marshmallows fall that person loses.

10. For Adults: Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

So, how do you play The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game? First things first, whip up all your favourite festive cocktails! Then, for the rules, it’s super simple, drink any time someone disses a fake Christmas tree, mistletoe is on the screen and the list goes on! For the full list click here!

What have you been up to lately? We’d really love to know Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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