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10 Money saving hacks for back to school uniform costs!

Written by Annabel Middleton

Are you dreading that school uniform shop?
Then why not head to a second-hand drop!
There’s loads of great money saving hacks,
That will cut your wallet some slack!

1. Shop with friends

Get those great multipack offers and split the cost with another parent. Sometimes the multipacks are great, but you don’t need four pairs of school trousers or skirts especially if they’re growing! You don’t want to invest in multiple items of the same size! So, why not pair up with a fellow parent and split the pack and cost! Get the deals without having loads of spares!

2. Get rid of those stains

 Learn the tips and tricks to get rid of stains fast and invest in a good cleaning product, it will definitely get good use! Try not to throw any stained uniform out, there are lots of cleaning hacks online to fight paint, grass, food and much more!

3. Buy slightly bigger

Your child is bound to have a growth spurt at some point in the year so be prepared by getting them a uniform that is perhaps a size or few sizes bigger at the start of the year! This way you won’t end up having to buy uniforms as often!

4. Change as soon as they get home

Get into a routine where your kids know they must take off their school uniform when they get home before running around the garden or grabbing a snack! This will also help the uniform not to wear out as fast.

5. Pass uniform down between siblings

If your children attend the same school, then handing down uniform is the best money-saving hack! Children grow so fast that there’s no point buying them a brand-new uniform just for one year or sometimes even just six months! Also, watch out for school uniform hand-me-downs organised by your children’s school, these may save you even if it’s just for one item that your little one is missing!

6. Fix the uniform up yourself with repairs and alterations

Get creative with your kids school uniform! Sew up those holey jumpers and loose buttons instead of throwing them away! If you’re not normally someone who sews there are loads of videos online that will give you step-by-step guides. This way you’ll also be sustainable! Or you could take some of their uniforms to be altered as it might be less expensive than buying a whole new uniform!

7. Pick when you shop

Look out for the deals that supermarkets offer around back-to-school time! You may be able to get a great deal or even a bundle deal if you have more than one child! At certain times of the year, usually July-September, Aldi do a full uniform set for £5 if your school isn’t too strict on buying an official uniform from a specific place.

8. Don’t forget the name tags!

Once you’re all set with your school uniform make sure to label them! Avoid lost socks and jumpers by putting name tags on them so that if they do get lost, people will know who to return them to!

9. Check the labels before washing

Some clothes need to be washed at different heats and for different amounts of time! If you wash them at a lower temperature (which will also save on those energy bills) this is generally best! Washing and drying your clothes correctly will help them to last longer! You could also try and dry your clothes outside in the fresh air or in an airing cupboard if you have one. If it’s a sunny day the sun will help to brighten those whites that may be going a bit dull! Avoid using the tumble dryer as clothes may shrink and this also uses more energy!

10. Does your school have a second-hand uniform shop?

Second-hand uniform shops are the best way to save on costs! Your little ones will grow out of their uniform so quickly that there’s no need to buy a whole new set! Plus, some of the clothes look brand new in the second-hand shops anyway! Even if you just grab a few items you will end up saving lots!

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