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Picniq’s tips to stay safe during firework season!

Written by Jenna Johnston

Now that firework season has begun,
Follow our tips to keep kids safe and still have lots of fun!
All the fireworks happening during the night,
Making the sky have dazzling lights!

With Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night just around the corner, this means firework season! Here are my tips on how to enjoy the beautiful fireworks whilst keeping everyone safe. If you’re looking for places to watch fantastic firework displays, check out our blog here.

🎆Firework Safety Tips🎆

If you’re planning to light some fireworks at home, make sure to have these items at the ready for when you are lighting them! You should have some gloves, a bucket of water and some goggles to protect your eyes.

1. Stand back from bonfires!

Bonfires are really cool to look and make Guy Fawkes Night really magical! However, these fire piles get very very hot and can let off sparks! Keep little ones safe but still enjoying the fun by having them stand back at a safe distance.

2. Don’t go near a lit firework

If a firework has been lit but hasn’t gone off, make sure to stay away from it! The firework could suddenly fire and cause a serious injury. It’s also important not to pick up any pieces of fireworks found on the ground after at home or an event. The firework could be ignited and could blast off at any time.

3. Stay back from others setting off fireworks

When an adult is lighting fireworks, make sure everyone stands back! Fireworks can sometimes backfire or shoot off in the wrong direction.

4. Soak all fireworks in water before throwing in the bin

If you’re lighting your own fireworks at home, make sure to place them all in a bucket of water and leave overnight before throwing in your bin. Fireworks can be hot for hours after and could cause your bin to set on fire!

5. Keep your furry friends safe

Animals have very sensitive ears so the loud bangs can really startle them! If fireworks are happening, try and keep them in a quiet room where they can feel safe. It is also a good idea not to take them with you to a firework event or a Halloween event where there could be fireworks.

🎇Sparkler Safety Tips🎇

Sparklers are lots of fun during this season, but keep in mind that sparklers can actually get five times hotter than cooking oil! Before lighting sparklers, it is important to have a bucket of water to drop your sparklers in once they are done.

1. Wear gloves and keep at arm’s length!

Sparklers are so much fun, however, I recommend that only children over 7 due to how hot they get! Before lighting your child’s sparkler, make sure to make them wear gloves for safety and let them know to keep their sparklers at arm’s length. It is also a good idea to make sure they know never to run with them in case they fall, which could lead to them burning themselves.

2. Don’t wave in anyone’s face

Once the sparklers are lit make sure that children know not to wave them in anyone’s face. One of the sparks off the sparkler could go in someone’s face or in their eyes.

3. Never pick up sparklers

Even if a sparkler has finished burning, they can be extremely hot. Make sure to explain to little ones that they should never touch them in case they are still hot. Also, make sure to explain that they should place sparklers they have finished using in water straight away.

4. Don’t place unlit sparklers in pockets

Placing unlit sparklers in pockets might not seem like an issue, but the friction from your clothing can cause them to light! Make sure to hold sparklers or get an adult to carry them.

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