Picniq Christmas Giveaway 2017 Winners!

Written by Yeyen

Thank you very much to everyone who has participated in our Christmas Giveaway! We have given away some amazing prizes and these are the winners. For those who didn’t win this time, don’t worry! We will soon have more fab competitions on the way, keep an eye on our social media pages and good luck next time!


Day 1  – The winner was…… Amy Tidd!

Christmas Giveaway Day 1

Day 2 – The winner was Cassie Samways – Congratulations!

Day 3 – The winner was…Colin Simon 

Christmas Giveaway Day 3

Day 4 – The winner was….. Bianca Conran! Congratulations 


Day 5 – The winner was Samantha Stonewater!

Christmas Giveaway Day 5

Day 6 – The winner was Jolene Stanley

Christmas Giveaway Day 6 Closed - Trunki


Day 7 – The winner was Andy Wedge


Day 8 – The Winner was… Sara Louise Coyne!


Day 9 – The Winner was David Bland 

Christmas Giveaway Day 8

Day 10 – The Winner was Nikki Hunter -Pike  

Day 11 – The Winner was Carla Ann Coyle


Day 12 – The Winner was  

Thank you all for participating!!


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