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New Year’s Eve party games to play at home!

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Make your New Years Eve Party at home the best,
These fun party games are sure to make your family forget about the rest!
We’ve made a list of games just for the adults to play and some that the kids can play too,
We’ll leave that choice up to you!

1. Resolution Guess

Needing a game to kick off your New Year’s Eve soiree at home? Look no further, we’ve found the perfect one, Resolution Guess! This game involves matching a New Year’s resolution with the person who made it. Get each family member in your house to jot down a New Year’s Resolution and their name on a slip of paper. Then later on in the evening, amongst the dancing and other party games you can all guess who’s resolution is who’s!

2. The Ultimate Games Night

Amazon, £8.30


Wanting to determine the ultimate games master at your New Year’s Eve party? Here is an awesome bumper set of games that will do just that! Including Charades, Who Am I?, Don’t Say a Word and Back to the Drawing Board, a funfilled New Year’s Eve is in store for all your guests that’s for sure. Get yours here!

3. Make a Disco Ball Piñata

Fancy getting creative ahead of New Year’s Eve? How about making your own disco ball pinata!- The kids will love getting involved in creating it too!  It is a perfect New Year’s Eve party game for big kids and little kids alike. For the super simple DIY tutorial, click here! 

4. Pong Wars: Beer Pong vs Prosecco Pong

The Present Finder, £7.49

Sorry kids this one is just for the adults! Liquid gold or luxurious bubbles? That’s the only decision you want to be making New Year’s Eve! Right?! Pong Wars: Beer Pong vs Prosecco Pong is a fun twist on the legendary Beer Pong Drinking Game. Complete with 6 Prosecco glasses, 6 Beer glasses and 3 red ping pong balls all you’ve got to do is split into two teams and fire directly at your opponents’ glass. Let the best drink win! Get yours here!

5. New Year’s Eve Karaoke

When it comes to fun things to do this New Year’s Eve, Karaoke has to be one of them!… and the kids will love it! Plug in the karaoke machine, turn up the volume and let them “sing” in the New Year. You could even create a playlist of songs for them with a New Year’s theme!

6. Ridleys Cocktail Party Game


Ridleys Cocktail Party Game is another one for the adults! Get ready to unleash your inner mixologist as you lift your spirits in an attempt to make cocktails to take home the prize! Super simple, all you need to do is collect ingredients in order to make the best cocktails and score the most points before last orders. Get yours here!

7. Poo The Potato

This is one epic game, suitable for most ages groups making it the perfect game to play this New Year’s eve! It’s pretty simple too, 2 teams race to “poop” their potatoes into a bucket with the first team to complete it being crowned champions. Need a bit more detail? Each person simply places their potato between their thighs. The aim of the game is for each team member to then hobble down to the bucket and drop the potato in it! You are NOT allowed to use your hands (except to reposition the potato between your thighs should it fall too soon).

8. Tip of the Tongue Game


Tip of the Tongue is a fun, fast-paced game that will have the family in stitches this New Year’s eve! Players have just 2 seconds to attempt to answer the quick-fire trivia questions! It’s one of those… you know the answer, it is on the tip of your tongue but can you spit it out?! Get yours here!

9.  Cotton Ball Race

This hilarious relay race is perfect for guests of all ages and will for sure make your New Years Eve party a night to remember! Cotton balls, a jar of Vaseline and two bowls is all you will need! Divide your guests into teams of from 6 to 10 people. Mark a starting line on the carpet with masking tape and place a bowl of cotton balls and jar of vaseline on a table. Across the room, have another table with an empty bowl for each team. Each team lines up and on the “Go” the first team members pop vaseline on their noises, dip their noses into the bowl of cotton balls and race to their team’s empty bowl on the other side of the room and deposit it. Team members take turns, the first team whose members all complete the race wins!

10. New Years Photo Props 2021

Amazon, £8.99


So this isn’t quite a game, but it will certainly bring heaps of fun to your New Years Eve party at home with the kids… and add some sparkle to your party photos too! This set includes 52 pcs photo props! So, what are you waiting for? Say hello to the New Year in style and get yours here!

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