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Have a Crabtastic Day Out!

Written by Jenna Johnston

There’s nothing better than going to the pier,
And feeling that magical summer atmosphere!
Bring your net, bucket, and line,
And you’re sure to have a crabtastic time!

What you will need:

A net or line: Both are great for crabbing but I find that if you’re crabbing at a rock pool or a shallow water area, nets work best! If you’re crabbing from a pier, use a line! You can usually purchase both a line or a net in areas that are popular for crabbing. You can also purchase your net or line before here!

Bait: I find that crabs go crazy over bacon! Not only is bacon easy to find, but it’s also cheap.

A bucket: Once you’ve caught your new crab friends, place them in a bucket with seawater so you can have a good look at them. Remember to put them back in the sea to be reunited with the rest of their friends when you’re done!

Best places to find crabs!

Now that you have all your equipment, I’m sure you’re dying to get started! Here are my personal recommendations of the best places to catch the most crabs.


If you prefer to use a line for crabbing, it’s better to go to piers! To use your crabbing line, simply tie a bit of your bait on the end of the string and throw it into the water. I love sitting on the edge of a pier on a warm day and waiting for my line to catch some crabs. You can also enjoy an ice-cream whilst you wait as usually there should be a place nearby which sells them!  Here is my list of some perfect piers for you to visit for your crabbing adventure.

  • Beaumaris Pier, Anglesey
  • Cromer Pier, Cromer
  • Blakeney Quay, Norfolk
  • Mullion Cove, The Lizard
  • Padstow Harbour, Padstow
  • Hearne Bay, Kent

Rock Pools

I prefer using a net for when I go crabbing as I find them much easier to use! To use your net, place some bait into the net and lower it into the water, then wait! Using a net makes rock pools the best place for crabbing. Be careful on the slippy rocks and seaweed. Some of the best rock pools for crabbing are:

  • Wembury Bay, Devon
  • Samphire Hoe, Kent 
  • Caswell Bay, Gower Peninsula
  • Broad Ledge, Lyme Regis, Dorset 
  • Newton Haven, Northumbria
    Roome Bay, Crail, Fife 

When you’ve finished looking at the crabs you have caught, remember to put them back to their home! Simply pick them up gently by their bottoms to avoid being pinched. I hope you have a great day crabbing and enjoy it as much as I do!

What have you been up to lately? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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