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6 Fun activities for children with Autism

Written by Eleanor Weeks

Today is World Autism Awareness Day,
and we want to help spread kindness and autism awareness in every way.
Take a look at these fun Autism-friendly activities below,
You’re guaranteed to have lots of fun… that we know!

🎨 1. Science Experiment: Ice Painting 🎨

Ice painting is a seriously fun (and easy!) science experiment that is sure to stimulate your child’s curious mind. Start with pouring different coloured paint into an ice tray and place wooden craft sticks in each compartment. Once it has frozen solidly, remove the paints and let your child swirl the meltings over paper. You are sure to be left amazed by the awesome designs you are able to create!

🏢 2. Endless Lego Fun 🏢

If your child with Autism is a Lego fan (and many are!!) then your options are endless! Get ready to spend afternoons busy building from blueprints and diagrams and creating your own cities. Why not watch the Lego movie too! Not only is this a super fun activity, but it will also help your child to develop communication and social skills.

🍼 3. Make a Sensory Bottle 🍼

Making a sensory bottle is a brilliant activity which will help your child learn to engage and stay focused! – and it’s as simple as this… Fill an empty plastic bottle with a mixture of the following: water, glitters and few drops of food colouring! This will help to create an eye-catching toy. Next, drop in a few buttons or marble whichever one you have to hand and the seal the lid tightly using a hot glue gun( this particular step may be best for Mum to do!).

👃 4. Play the ‘Smelling Game’ 👃

The smelling game is an excellent brain teaser, not too mention a great laugh too! Fill a selection of small containers with a mix of fragrant ingredients. Items such as lavender, coffee, soap etc are perfect. Place a seal over the top using a piece of fabric and a rubber band and then get your child to try to identify the different smells. – Children with autism often enjoy learning about their senses and the role it plays in exploring their environment.

💍 5. Create Edible Jewellery 💍

A craft activity which includes all your little ones favourite sweet treats…yummy!! You will need liquorice red and black laces or strawberry laces whichever you would prefer plus peach rings and any other colourful sweets which have a hole in the centre! Once your child has finished, make sure to tie a knot at the end to avoid any sweeties falling off!

🧩️ 6. Family Puzzle Solving Afternoon 🧩️

You will often find many children with Autism, (even those who are non-verbal), will have a tremendous knack for solving jigsaws and puzzles in general! This is a superb activity that a child can either complete alone or with the whole family. Perhaps you could encourage a “Family Puzzle Solving Afternoon” where the whole family works collaboratively to solve a number of jigsaws in a certain amount of time?!

What have you been up to? We’d really love to know! Someone else might love it, and really want to go! If you’ve got ideas, suggestions or reviews, you can shout all about it on whatever channel you choose!

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