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Super Fun and Educational Games for Kids

Written by Lottie

We all know that sometimes getting your little ones interested in practicing the skills that they’ve learnt at school isn’t the easiest task in the world! However, here’s a list of some educational games that are so fun it won’t even feel like they’re learning! 

Counting Cupcake Cases with Pom Poms


All you need for this one is some spare cupcake cases and a handful of cute and colourful objects! (We opt for little pom poms ourselves after spying this idea on Pinterest) Write numbers 1 to 5 inside the cases and get your little ones adding that exact amount of objects into them. You could even try using sweet treats instead of pom poms that can be used for a tasty reward!

Lego Block Letter Building


This ones great for little building block mad creators! Write on a longer block a three letter word, then grab some singular ones and write each letter of that word onto each block. Get them to place the singular blocks in the correct order above the longer block and say the word aloud!

“Make 10” Card Game


For this one, create a sheet with four card outlines and the title “Make 10” above it. Make up a few batches of cards numbered 1 until 10 and get your little one to make their own number combinations. They can add, subtract, times and divide their way to the number 10!

Puddle Jump Maths


Grab some blue paper and cut out some puddle shapes. Make a number sequence and, depending on age and ability, get them to leap from one puddle to the next after saying the number aloud. This gets your little ones familiar with their number sequences!

Number Pegs


This one’s similar to the ‘Make 10’ game – but you’ll need some wooden pegs and lolly sticks! Simply grab 10 (or more!) wooden peg and write a number on the top of each one. Then, on your wooden lolly stick, write a plus and equals sign – but be sure to leave enough space for a peg in between! On the other side of the stick, do the same but with a minus sign instead of a plus. Your little ones can then think up their own sums!

Have you got any educational games that make learning fun for your little ones? Let us know! Don’t forget to share your snaps on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂